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Will iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 charge Wirelessly?

While the iPhone 5 has just been released, technology is already making it's step and advancing to the next level. WiTricity CEO Eric Giler has announced that he expects their wireless charging technology to be introduced commercially in mobile devices as early as next year.

WiTricity introduces Prodigy!

WiTricity is now offering you a gateway to wireless power at an affordable price – in a new product called Prodigy. Prodigy is a hands-on demonstration system that lets you experience the magic of WiTricity technology--wireless power over distance.With Prodigy you’ll be able to power two devices from a single source, and experiment with a Resonant Repeater that lets wireless power “hop” over a larger distance, enhancing the range and flexibility of your wireless power solution. You’ll experiment by sending power through non-metallic materials—like a desk top, glass window, a brick wall!

Delphi's Go Wireless charging system showcased at the SAE World Congress 2012

No need for Delphi fans to wait for EVS26, the Electric vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles that starts on May 6 and runs trough the 9th. Delphi has already shown its wares at the SAE World Congress 2012 in Detroit,

Delphi has developed a Wireless Charging System that will automatically transfer power to a vehicle providing a convenient, wireless energy transfer system. According to the website, the system was developed in cooperation with WiTricity Corp., a wireless energy transfer technology provider. It will enable an electric vehicle's battery to be recharged without the hassle of cords or connections.